Tough new domestic violence laws

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In Australia, domestic violence is a major health and welfare issue. However, we often fail to comprehend the depravity and extent of domestic violence as we often revert to the safety of “out of sight, out of mind’. To truly appreciate the severity of domestic violence, we must note the following: On average, one woman […]

New Penalties for Drink and Drug Driving

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With drug driving one of the highest contributors to road deaths in our State, the South Australian Government has prescribed new penalties for drink and drug driving. It is clear that the Government has taken an uncompromising approach to curving the concerning trend of inebriated driving. New Penalties for Drug Drivers First Offence As of […]

Does home detention really work?

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In February 2017, Yorke Peninsula Country Times asked me ‘does home detention really work?’ This question was in response to the new Home Detention Laws implemented by the Labour Government in late 2016. I responded with ‘time will tell’. I had reservations about it. Have the new laws worked? It is now 2018 and Home […]

Actions against Bullying and Violence

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To ensure we maintain a safe community, we must take actions against bullying and violence. Today marks the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. This is a key anti-bullying event where Australian schools stand together and collectively condemn bullying and violence. Such initiatives prompt conversation about how bullying not only impacts our […]

Libby Bell tragedy opening our eyes to bullying at school

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13-year-old Adelaide schoolgirl Libby Bell suffered bullying at school so deeply, she took her own life. Now the public is crying out for justice. But who is liable and what should I as a parent do should my child be bullied? It is all too common to hear of bullying in our schools and little […]

Pulled over by police: What are your rights?

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The flashing lights of a police car in your rear-view mirror have the unique effect of making even the most innocent and calm drivers feel worried about what is going to happen next, when they are pulled over by police. When can I be pulled over by police? You can be pulled over by police […]

In trouble with the police? Here’s how your lawyer can help

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Have you found yourself in trouble with the police? If so, it is important you seek our help immediately to get the best possible result achievable. Every day, people find themselves charged with crimes and placed in interview rooms with little to no idea of what to say or do. Thankfully we are here to help and […]