Tough new domestic violence laws

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In Australia, domestic violence is a major health and welfare issue. However, we often fail to comprehend the depravity and extent of domestic violence as we often revert to the safety of “out of sight, out of mind’. To truly appreciate the severity of domestic violence, we must note the following: On average, one woman […]

Consumer rights for Christmas shopping

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As the 25th of December rapidly approaches, we often find ourselves frantically trying to complete our last minute Christmas shopping. Now imagine this. You finish all your shopping by 10:30pm Christmas Eve and all presents are wrapped and under the tree by midnight. However, as you eagerly hand out all of your presents Christmas morning, […]

Yorke Peninsula lawyers supporting local needs

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Christmas is a time of year that we often take for granted. We often find ourselves consuming unimaginable amounts of food, giving and receiving presents and spending time with our love ones. However, this time of year also highlights the trials and tribulations of those less fortunate than us. At any given time, there are more […]

My ex-partner is not returning our child: What do I do?

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If your ex-partner is not returning your child or not disclosing their whereabouts, despite your parenting arrangement, you should consider seeking a Recovery Order. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, please consider the following. Is the child in immediate danger? If your child is in danger, you should contact the police immediately. Please note […]

I’ve been defamed on social media – What do I do now?

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If you find that you’ve been defamed online, it is hard to know what the immediate implications are. The law of defamation is designed to offer protection to an individual’s reputation. In South Australia, the Defamation Act 2005 (SA) provides the general law relating to the tort (civil wrong) of defamation. The law of defamation operates […]

The basics of Capital Gains Tax

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To help address the complexities of taxation, we have put together a short guide to understanding the basics of Capital Gains Tax (CGT). What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? Simply, CGT is a tax on the profit made on the disposal of a capital asset. That is, if you buy property for $400,000 and subsequently […]

New Penalties for Drink and Drug Driving

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With drug driving one of the highest contributors to road deaths in our State, the South Australian Government has prescribed new penalties for drink and drug driving. It is clear that the Government has taken an uncompromising approach to curving the concerning trend of inebriated driving. New Penalties for Drug Drivers First Offence As of […]

I’ve never been to a lawyer before: What should I expect?

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For those that have never been to a lawyer before, it is hard to know what to expect. If you add a distressing life event to this uncertainty, seeing a lawyer can be a daunting prospect. Mildwaters Lawyers anticipate this feeling. We employ a number of procedures and practices to ensure that you are empowered […]

What are the benefits of choosing a lawyer in Kadina?

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People sometimes ask me why they should consider choosing a lawyer in Kadina, especially when they feel like their legal issues are very complex. I understand that some people have the perception that great expertise only lurks in the multi-storey office buildings of a metropolis, but the truth is that our 40 years of combined […]

Pulled over by police: What are your rights?

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The flashing lights of a police car in your rear-view mirror have the unique effect of making even the most innocent and calm drivers feel worried about what is going to happen next, when they are pulled over by police. When can I be pulled over by police? You can be pulled over by police […]