Registered Conveyancer

Anna Przibilla

Anna Przibilla - Profile

Anna has been in the conveyancing industry for 16 years. She is the person who can assure your pathway from sale or purchase to settlement is a smooth one.

Anna is well aware that conveyancing matters can hit unforeseen hurdles from time to time, requiring additional help from a lawyer.

This is why having Anna based as part of the team means you get the benefit of a conveyancer with the back up of lawyers as needed.

This saves you extra time and hassle in terms of finding a suitably experienced lawyer, appointing and briefing them, as well as ensuring that both conveyancer and lawyers work quickly and smoothly together in their client’s best interest.

Anna is a great choice of conveyancer for people living on Yorke Peninsula, because they can entrust their conveyancing to a local who is a Registered Conveyancer with a Bachelor of Business in Property and over 16 years of experience in all aspects of conveyancing.

Her experience includes:

  • standard residential conveyancing
  • commercial conveyancing
  • preparation of easements and
  • subdivision work

Anna grew up on a farm on the Yorke Peninsula and is married to Daniel with two daughters.

When she’s not busy running the conveyancing department of Mildwaters Lawyers, Anna enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine, going to the beach, watching movies, football and tennis, and sneaking in some chocolate, especially mint slices.