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Age brings wisdom and respect but it enters the realm of aged care law, which can bring some challenges that need addressing with care and compassion.

Each member of the Mildwaters Lawyers team has an aging parent or grandparent who is dealing with the challenges of growing older. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide help and advice on aged care issues facing members of our community in their senior years.

Whatever your needs, we would be pleased to help.

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Our Aged Care Legal Services

We offer aged care legal services such as:

  • Advice on any aged care accommodation agreement that you are considering
  • Advice on your rights as a senior Australian, whether you are living at home or in aged care accommodation
  • Advice on any agreements that older members of our community are often asked to consider such as reverse mortgages, loan arrangements or guarantees
  • Preparation of granny flat agreements
  • Preparing documents such as WillsPowers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives and providing advice about those documents
  • Offering advice regarding prudent changes to the affairs of an aged couple where one of them resides in aged care accommodation and the other remains living at home.


We recognise that sometimes mobility can be a problem, so we are happy to travel to visit our aged care clients in the Copper Coast for no extra charge.

We are more than happy to travel further too if needed but there may be a small charge for our travel depending on how far we are required to go.

If you are a senior member of our community and you just have a quick legal question that needs answering, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns if that is easiest.

It may be that we can answer your question quickly or we may need to pay you a visit so that we can provide you with a more in depth answer.

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