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Transfers following separation

Transfers following separation. Mildwaters Lawyers Kadina South Australia. Image: goldfish by sayot via Flickr.

The last thing that you feel like doing when you have separated from your spouse is dealing with property transfers.

In situations like this, we can sort this issue out for you quickly and simply.

We can prepare the transfer of your home to or from your former spouse and liaise with your bank in relation to any mortgage registered on the title.

We can also prepare any family court documents that might be required for your bank to agree to the transfer and refinancing of any mortgage.

You may be pleased to know that after separation, if you transfer your home to or from your former spouse, whether married or de facto, the law allows the transfer to occur without any stamp duty being paid.

We can prepare the forms to enable you to get this stamp duty exemption.

The other bonus with this sort of transfer is that the registration fee payable on the transfer is the basic registration fee and is not dependent on the value of your property.

If you need, we can also provide you with advice on your situation from a family law property settlement point of view. Refer to our family law services section for further information in that regard.

If you find yourself in this situation and you would like to provide us with instructions to transfer you home to or from your spouse, then you are welcome to complete the form below and send it to us to get us started.

We will contact you promptly when we receive it, confirm the costs involved in your matter and confirm your instructions to proceed.

We will help sort your matter out as quickly as possible so that you can look to the future, having tidied up the loose ends of the past.

Transfers Following Separation Client Instruction Form

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