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Entering into or renewing a lease requires great attention to detail. This is especially the case with commercial leases and their disclosure statements as there can often be much “devil in the detail”.


Our best advice to any potential Lessor or Lessee is to get the lease prepared by a professional and to make sure that you get advice from a professional on a lease before you enter into it.

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It only takes one clause catching you by surprise to cause heartache and loss.  Our legal eyes and experience enable us to identify and draw your attention to clauses that might get overlooked by a layperson that could cause you problems in future.  This same expertise helps us include clauses in any lease that we prepare for you that are tailored to your needs and offer you the protection that you need.


Our services in relation to leases include:

  1.    Preparing lease documents such as:
    • the lease itself and tailoring it to your needs, depending on whether you are the Lessor or the Lessee
    • any ancillary documents required such as the disclosure statement that is necessary for all “shop” leases as defined in the Retail and Commercial Leases Act
    • a transfer or assignment of an existing lease and tailoring this document to your needs, depending on whether you are the Lessor, the existing Lessee or the proposed Lessee
  2.    Providing advice on lease documents in relation to:
    • the terms of a lease that you are considering entering into after it has been provided to you by the other party involved
    • how to terminate a lease
    • any dispute that you may have with the other party to a lease.


Our experience in the preparation of leases and advice on leases extends to all sorts of leasing arrangements including:

  • shop leases
  • commercial or industrial leases
  • farm leases, and
  • residential leases.

Our job is to tailor new lease documents to your needs or, if you need advice about a lease, to work through the complexity and give you a clear view of the agreement you are considering entering into.

Please contact us today for peace of mind about your future leasing arrangements.

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