Land Agreements and Encumbrances

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Selling or transferring title to property seems straightforward on the surface but, once you get down into the roots, there are many aspects of the transaction that need attention, and land agreements and encumbrances are part of this landscape. Our experience can help you traverse it with ease.

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Land Agreements and Encumbrances

Land agreements and encumbrances contain agreements, instructions, and restrictions pertaining to a particular property and its future use.

These documents are sometimes required by local councils before they will agree to the development of land within their jurisdiction, so they can ensure that the land is developed in a manner that is in keeping with the standards of that area.

They are also used by developers to help maximise the sale price of their land by giving buyers certainty that a minimum standard will be adhered to by their future neighbours when making improvements like fencing and new buildings.


You may find that the land that you are intending on purchasing has a land agreement or encumbrance registered on the title.

In that case, our Registered Conveyancer is on hand to provide you with advice about the terms of any such agreement or encumbrance and how it will affect your ownership rights.

If you wish to have a land agreement or encumbrance prepared to protect the integrity of a development that you are overseeing, we can prepare this document for you and arrange for that document to be registered on each title that forms part of the development.

Whatever your needs, by contacting Mildwaters Lawyers, you get peace of mind knowing that our Registered Conveyancer is well versed in land agreements and encumbrances and that our legal services are on hand to provide further, in-depth support when needed.

Contact us today to obtain our help with the land agreement or encumbrance that you are concerned with and for any other conveyancing or legal services that you may require.

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