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A change of name, whatever the reason, does not need to be a headache. Our services can ensure it is a quick and painless matter to be resolved.

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Changing a name

Sometimes a change of name on a land title is required due to:

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • change of a company name
  • an error in the name on the original transfer

Often the “old” name remains on the title until a transaction such as the registration of a new mortgage on the title requires the change of name.

This change of name can often be required by the bank that is financing the mortgage, as the mortgage documents that have the “new” or “correct” name on them must be the same as the name of the title when the mortgage documents are registered on the title.


We can advise on, prepare and lodge any documents required to achieve a change of name on a land title.

A document such as this is generally quick and easy to prepare, so you are welcome to telephone our Registered Conveyancer Anna to provide her with your instructions.

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