Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements cover many aspects of life. If you have reached an agreement with someone about anything that you wish to record in writing, we can help.

We can prepare an agreement to cover just about anything.

How we help with contracts and agreements

To prepare your contract or agreement, we need:

  • the legal names, addresses and contact details of the parties to the agreement
  • a description of the subject of the agreement – such as land or some other interest in land that is being transferred or created
  • the terms of the agreement, including:
    • the price
    • the date of the transfer
    • any special conditions such as whether the agreement is subject to finance
    • any other terms that you have agreed

We can prepare a contract or agreement for you in relation to:

  • the sale and purchase of land
  • a lease
  • a share-farming agreement
  • a land agreement or encumbrance
  • a granny flat agreement
  • a licence agreement

We can cover whatever you have agreed in a contract or agreement that complies with all necessary legal requirements.

Contact us today if you need an agreement or contract prepared to protect your rights.

Image: Contracts by Government of Alberta via Flickr.