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Having the right conveyancer is vital to the smooth transition of property and we urge you to choose an experienced professional when you need conveyancing services. Let us make this process easy for you.

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When you’re buying or selling property in South Australia, get your conveyancer on your side from the outset, to make sure your settlement goes smoothly and you’re not left out in the cold when transfers get delayed.

With Mildwaters Lawyers’ Conveyancing Services, we will:

  • Prepare the contract where this is required – if you are involved in a private sale
  • Carry out searches to make sure the property is unencumbered, and deal with any matters arising from the searches
  • Prepare the form 1 cooling off notice where required – if you are involved in a private sale
  • Prepare all conveyancing documents required including the transfer, any stamp duty documents, licence agreements, encumbrances or easements
  • Communicate with your bank or lending institution, as needed
  • Arrange any discharge of mortgage, caveat or other encumbrance
  • Calculate accurate rates and taxes that need to be paid
  • Calculate and pay Stamp Duty, alerting you to any concessions available
  • Provide you with a settlement statement providing you with full information about the financial aspect of the transaction
  • Ensure you have complied with all necessary steps to ensure a smooth settlement
  • Arrange and attend to settlement on your behalf
  • Advise Council. SA Water and Emergency Services Levy authorities of the change in ownership and pay the rates owed to the end of the relevant rating period
  • Attend to all other post settlement work required including payment of water use.

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