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For those that have never been to a lawyer before, it is hard to know what to expect. If you add a distressing life event to this uncertainty, seeing a lawyer can be a daunting prospect.

Mildwaters Lawyers anticipate this feeling.

We employ a number of procedures and practices to ensure that you are empowered and respected throughout the entire legal process. Ultimately, we strive to minimise stress and manage the expectations of all parties involved.

Prior to your first appointment, you will be required to place some money in trust to cover the initial appointment. For further information, please see our Costs or contact our office.

Once you have booked your first appointment, you should consider the following:

Preparation for your Appointment:

Preparing for your appointment will reduce your overall legal costs from the outset. By actively preparing, you are effectively doing administrative work that the lawyer would ordinarily charge for. Preparation can be in the form of:

  • Collecting all documents that you consider relevant to your matter ready for the appointment
  • Creating a timeline of when and how the events occurred
  • Writing down all relevant contact information
  • A written recount of how you perceived events
  • A list of any premeditated questions you might have for the lawyer

Initial Paperwork:

In the event that you wish to engage our services and our anticipated fees exceed $1000, you will be provided with some paperwork.

The paperwork will include:

  • Our terms of engagement (setting out all relevant information about our costs and the other terms of us working with you)
  • A schedule of fees for your type of matter
  • A general authority for us to act for you
  • Any matter specific information that we are legally obliged to provide you.

You should thoroughly read through all the documents provided to you. This will allow you to understand the nature of the work and be actively involved in the matter.

What protections do I have as a client?

There is a common misconception that lawyers retain all the power and the client is afforded no protection.

This is simply not true.

The Legal Practitioners Act and Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules operate to ensure that all lawyers adhere to strict practicing guidelines.

For further information on these guidelines, feel free to contact us.


Legal costs are a significant concern for clients. To address this concern, Mildwaters Lawyers discloses its fixed and non-fixed fees from the outset [LINK].

Further, the Law Society of South Australia provides a number of fact sheets that relate to legal costs. They can be found at the Law Society website.

Common Questions:

Can I bring someone along as support?

Yes. At Mildwaters Lawyers, we place an emphasis on client comfort and creating a supportive environment.

Will I get an immediate answer to my problem?

It depends on how complex your matter is. If we are not in a position to give an immediate answer, we will outline why and how long it will take to reach an answer.

I don’t finish work until 5, can I book an appointment after work hours?

Yes. We will meet with you whenever it suits you, including outside business hours and on weekends.

What if my legal problem involves a court appearance? Can Mildwaters Lawyers still assist me?

Yes. If your matter involves a local court appearance, our experienced lawyers can assist you. Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with court matters, whether criminal or civil.


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